Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday! I'm excited because my chauffeur (otherwise known as husband) is off work.  That means I got to leave the house today for the first time in a week!

Being stuck at home for a week straight lead me to introduce new activities to Mallory, so I dug out our huge collection of puppets from the garage, and she loved them!!  She was totally cracking up at all the different animals.

Then her big brother decided to put on a puppet show with the puppet theater I made for him last Christmas. She enjoyed it, but was a little tired by that point.  We will have to try again soon!

My big boy, who is suddenly into anything related to fighting enemies (thank you Lego Space Police!) spotted this fighting ring in the new toy catalog from Target.
Since when do they put out toy catalogs for Easter??? Isn't that a bit much?
Anyway, Target version:

And our version:

Spencer requested I take a close up so that everyone could see the Sheriff attacking the cow - wacko!


That's what our week looked like, being stuck inside for a week straight.  Oh, except for the part where we were stuck OUTSIDE for 2 hours on Wednesday because the door to our sunroom was jammed shut and wouldn't open.   Luckily it was 70, sunny, and we had crayons and paper with us.  And of course Mallory had her traveling milk dispenser (me!).   It could have been worse!

So, what types of things do you do when you are stuck inside all week due to illness or bad weather?

How do you keep those kiddos entertained?

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  1. I wish you were MY Mommy! Actually my Mom was a bit like you with the "save-a-buck" creativity. Your kids are SOOOO blessed! In retrospect, after LOTS of years, so was I.