Friday, March 26, 2010

New Friend Friday!

I thought I would try something different this week, so I am linking up at The Girl Creative to make some new friends.  Hop on over & check it out!

Welcome to all my new visitors........I hope you stay a while and take a look around!  Leave me a comment to let me know you were here!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear .......

Dear God,

Are you serious?  Did my handsome 5 year old really get hit with strep throat and pink eye in one week?  Right on the heels of a sinus infection for him, ear infection for Mallory, vertigo & the stomach flu for me?  Will we ever be well?  Send sign of hope soon. 


Dear nurse at the doctor's office,

When my son was in for strep throat on Monday, did you know you had pink eye?  Okay, maybe you didn't, but when I came in today and your eyes were red & puffy and you were wearing your glasses (which I had never seen you in), did you think it at all odd that my son was there for pink eye?  Not that it's your fault or anything - I'm sure that you catch more things than we ever could.  I just hope your not brewing rotovirus right now or something.  Feel better soon!

Mother of son who has been to your office 10 times since the first of the year

Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer Dresses

Well, we have officially been hit with Sick Kids Syndrome. You know how it goes, don't you?

One gets better/the other gets sick/then mommy gets it...repeat....repeat....repeat...

5 doctor visits and $150 later, you might all be well.  At least until the next round hits, that is!  At least Daddy has stayed healthy!  The latest caused us to cancel our trip to Busch Gardens today with Aunti Di, cousin Trey, Nena & Papa.  Spencer has strep throat!  Hopefully we can make it there next weekend!

I have managed to squeeze in some sewing time.  My baby has hardly any 12 to 18 month clothing, so I need to get started on her summer wardrobe.

The first outfit was started several weeks ago.  While making your own bias tape to match your outfit looks great, it can be very time consuming.  Especially when you cut the wrong width bias strips the first time around!  This outfit actually drove me to finally take my machine in to be serviced, which it sorely needed.  I found out the bobbin case had a huge nick in it.  Now it is working much better - no more thread nests underneath my fabric!

On the second outfit, I learned that gathering fabric can be quite tricky if you aren't doing it properly (I guess that can be said of anything!).  I finally found great instructions here on Wikihow of all places.  I didn't cut the skirt quite wide enough, but I'm still happy with it.  I used a cute white t-shirt I bought for $1 at Target, cut off a few inches, gathered the skirt, and attached it to the shirt.  Voila - new dress! 

And matching baby legs, made from a pair of women's knee high socks that I also bought on clearance at Target.  Total outfit cost:  about $4.00!  I may add a ruffled flower to the top of the dress. 

Next up, I'm going to try another t-shirt dress like this, but I want to add a sash to tie at the back. I also have some projects from the One-Yard Wonders  that I am wanting to try.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Saturday! I'm excited because my chauffeur (otherwise known as husband) is off work.  That means I got to leave the house today for the first time in a week!

Being stuck at home for a week straight lead me to introduce new activities to Mallory, so I dug out our huge collection of puppets from the garage, and she loved them!!  She was totally cracking up at all the different animals.

Then her big brother decided to put on a puppet show with the puppet theater I made for him last Christmas. She enjoyed it, but was a little tired by that point.  We will have to try again soon!

My big boy, who is suddenly into anything related to fighting enemies (thank you Lego Space Police!) spotted this fighting ring in the new toy catalog from Target.
Since when do they put out toy catalogs for Easter??? Isn't that a bit much?
Anyway, Target version:

And our version:

Spencer requested I take a close up so that everyone could see the Sheriff attacking the cow - wacko!


That's what our week looked like, being stuck inside for a week straight.  Oh, except for the part where we were stuck OUTSIDE for 2 hours on Wednesday because the door to our sunroom was jammed shut and wouldn't open.   Luckily it was 70, sunny, and we had crayons and paper with us.  And of course Mallory had her traveling milk dispenser (me!).   It could have been worse!

So, what types of things do you do when you are stuck inside all week due to illness or bad weather?

How do you keep those kiddos entertained?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Time for Friday Follow again!

Thank you to all my new followers from last week! I also found some great new blogs to read! Hosted by Rita @ One 2 Try Tami @ Hearts Make Families and Lynn @ Midday Escapades. Head on over to participate!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mom of they Year

What's a mommy have to do to get a little computer time? Give the baby a ball of yarn of course!

Disclaimer: I never give her yarn unless I am directly supervising! : )

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life Interrupted

Things around here have been turned upside down lately (literally, for me!).  I woke up Saturday morning with a horrible case of vertigo.  I ended up in the ER for several hours, where my friend's husband, who happens to be an ER doctor, took good care of me.  I was in bed all day Saturday and the better part of Sunday.  We all know what can happen when Mommy is out of commission, but luckily, my awesome husband and his parents stepped up to take care of the kids, go to the grocery store, and basically keep things running somewhat smoothly!

I'm feeling better, although I'm still dizzy and can't drive yet.  I can't wait to get out of this house!

Since there hasn't been any crafting going on here lately (except for a pair of unexciting slippers I'm crocheting for myself right now), I thought I would share pictures of a couple of cute kids I know.  Enjoy!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Follow

My first Friday Follow celebration hosted by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades! I hope to meet lots of new bloggers!

MckLinky Blog Hop


Five Question Friday

I thought I would join the fun over at Mama M's blog for Five Question Friday, so here you go!

1. What's your guilty pleasure?  Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  I just finished a bowl for lunch.  Acutally, all cereal - I usually have at least 5 varieties to choose from, and often have a bowl for dessert. 

2. What is your favorite TV series?  My favorite, as in just 1??  Hmmmm, probably Top Chef. 

3. Can you speak any foreign languages?  I can speak a little Spanish, which actually helped me out while visiting Italy as well.

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?  I am so NOT a shoe girl!  I probably own 12 pairs, but only wear maybe 5.  I wish I liked shoes, they just all hurt my feet.  My favorites by far are my Birkenstocks!

5. What's your favorite kind of M&M's...peanut, almond, straight up regular, etc.?  Definitely peanut, hands down, no contest.  I love chocolate covered peanuts too, so go figure.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Hats & Hair Clips!

I took my sewing machine in on Monday because it has been giving me all sorts of trouble lately. So I haven't been able to sew anything, although I do have a half finished dress on my sewing table, awaiting a repaired sewing machine.

I thought I would add some other things to my blog that I've been working on:

Hats (please ignore the non-matching clothing.....little miss baby will not stand for several clothing changes during an impromptu photo shoot!)

And hair clips......although there is not much hair to clip!  I can't wait until I can get her hair to lay down - right now it is a lost cause!

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Tacky Scrapbook Paper + Legos + Playmobil = Awesome

So what is a girl to do with that tacky photo paper she bought when she first started scrapbooking?  Why, turn it into backdrops for Lego & Playmobil scenes, of course!!!

Can you tell how productive my day was yesterday?  But Spencer & I sure did have fun!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Trip to the State Fair

We recently took a trip to the Florida State Fair.  Michael took the day off of work so that we could go on a Monday, because going on the weekends is a nightmare.

Let's just say that most of the fair is a little too state fair-ie for me.  I grew up in a small town and belonged to 4-H.  We always entered different competitions, such as cooking, sewing (the first time I ever sewed!), cat show, etc, and every year we went to the 4-H fair.  We would often spend the whole day there while my mom & dad were at work.  Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but I remember really enjoying the small town feel of our local fair.  I would give up all of my fabric (okay, maybe not) for a taste of the homemade ice cream and a meal from Pork Producers right now!

The fair from my youth is a planet away from the Florida State Fair.  We had our bags checked on the way in and I had to dump my water, just in case it was actually vodka.  The security worker shared with me that one lady brought in a 12 pack in her diaper bag.  eek.

At the 4-H fair in my hometown, the midway took up about 1/4 to 1/3 of the fair grounds, and it was never the main attraction in my mind.  At the Florida State Fair, at least 50% of the grounds are dedicated to ride after tacky midway ride, carnies calling out to you every 5 steps, and all kinds of nasty foods that I wouldn't even feed to the pigs in the (small) livestock barn.  Is it truly necessary that we offer deep fried butter balls to the already grossly overweight general population??  And that there is not only one, but two locations at the fair to buy said butter balls?  And how about a burger sandwiched between 2 Krispy Kreme donuts?  Is your mouth watering yet?

I say we need less midway and more fair, but that is just from this country girl's perspective.  Now there is one very bright spot in this otherwise abysmal waste of time & money - Cracker Country!!  I love this part of the fair and it's the only reason I wanted to go.  And I actually learned that they are open the first Saturday of the month, which means we can go next year and skip the fair!

Cracker Country is a collection of old log buildings moved from their original locations to this area of the fairgrounds.  There is an old schoolhouse, general store, a couple of homes, a church, an outdoor kitchen, and some other buildings.  Our trip coincided perfectly with our recent listening of the Little House on the Prairie book on CD.  It was great for Spencer that we could translate what we learned to a real setting.  The first thing we saw was two young men making real life Lincoln Logs!

Spencer & I played a quick game of corn cob checkers in the mercantile!
Cracker Country is the best value at the fair too.  While each ride on the midway costs $4-6 dollars and lasts about 30 seconds, in Cracker Country, you can hand dip a candle for $1.00.

You can also make a rope for $1.00.  

And you get to take both home - awesome!!  All you get to take home from the Midway is an empty wallet and a tummy ache from eating too much deep fried butter.  Although I will say Spencer looks pretty cool driving his boat!

My other favorite part of the fair is the livestock barn and the small animal building, where the bunnies and chickens stay.  We were able to see a lady spinning yarn from rabbit fur, which was super cool for me as yarn is my new favorite.   And the kids even got to pet the bunnies!

And on the way out Spencer spent the rest of his tickets to take Daddy on the skyride!  Of course they couldn't take the round trip ride because his $8 worth of tickets would only buy them each a one way ticket!

So if you head to the Florida State Fair next year, bring your (fat) wallet, butter starved arteries, 
and your pioneer spirit!