Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Friends

I don't suspect times will always be so peaceful, but for now these two kids get along famously.  I have been worried about the age gap between them since before Mallory was conceived, but it has actually been great.

Mallory has become quite a busy toddler.  I can't remember anything that Spencer ever climbed, but put a mountain in front of Mallory and she will make it look like a mole hill.  Today she climbed on the kitchen table and was standing in the middle of it in a matter of seconds.  Then the coffee table.  Then to the top of our large playground while I turned my back for about 10 seconds.  If I had a 3 year old to deal with all day too, I'm not sure if I could handle it!  So in that regard, the age gap has been fabulous.  I was able to spend tons of time with Spencer before Mallory arrived, and now I get to spend tons of time with Mallory while Spencer is in school. 

I hope to be back in the next day or too with some of the crafty things I've been up to.........until then I will leave you with a picture of Mallory talking to the birds at the zoo............

and Spencer posing with his wax Florida Panther in front of the Manatees (excuse his drowned rat look - he went on the log flume twice!)