Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear .......

Dear God,

Are you serious?  Did my handsome 5 year old really get hit with strep throat and pink eye in one week?  Right on the heels of a sinus infection for him, ear infection for Mallory, vertigo & the stomach flu for me?  Will we ever be well?  Send sign of hope soon. 


Dear nurse at the doctor's office,

When my son was in for strep throat on Monday, did you know you had pink eye?  Okay, maybe you didn't, but when I came in today and your eyes were red & puffy and you were wearing your glasses (which I had never seen you in), did you think it at all odd that my son was there for pink eye?  Not that it's your fault or anything - I'm sure that you catch more things than we ever could.  I just hope your not brewing rotovirus right now or something.  Feel better soon!

Mother of son who has been to your office 10 times since the first of the year

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  1. Oh my goodness, can I NOT relate to this!! My son is in daycare and EVERY time a certain teacher gets sick, so does my son. Why? Well, its not his fault really, he IS irresistibly cute, and she covers him in kisses WHICH she should not do when she knows she is getting sick! lol!

    By the way, I'm your new friend from New Friend Friday!! :) Great blog!!