Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's dust this thing off, shall we?

The Christmas hoopla is (thankfully) over and we can get back to a semi-normal life around here.  That is, after I take down the Christmas decorations!  On a happy note, my Christmas cards finally went out in the mail today, just in time ; )

I haven't had much time for sewing or crafting around here, but I was able to whip up a red corduroy skirt for Miss Mam to match the sweater I purchased at Gymboree:

It's nice to be able to make a matching skirt for your child when the stores are all out because you waited until 3 days before Christmas to buy her an outfit!  And it's even nicer when you happen to have a yard of matching fabric at home that you bought for another project that you never got around to making.  Sometimes it's good to procrastinate - in doing so I saved myself a trip to JoAnn's!

I've been teaching myself to crochet with the help of a few library books - I will post a picture of my first completed project later on!  Happy Monday!

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