Thursday, January 7, 2010

I :heart: crochet!

So after many attempts and half finished projects, I finally manged to crochet something wearable!  And when it is worn by the most adorable baby girl in the world, it's even more satisfying!  I purchased this pattern on Etsy:

And here is my finished product:

Now that I'm looking at the two side by side, the bottom of mine looks like it is turned up more than the original - not sure why.   Hmmm...

I just purchased another hat pattern and am crocheting it now.  I better hurry, as hat weather will only last for another few weeks here in Florida!

I took Little Man and Miss Mam to Salvation Army yesterday - they have 50% off clothing on Wednesdays.  I bought some clothing to try to reconstruct into perfect little dresses and skirts for Mallory.  I've already ruined and scrapped one piece.  Oops.  Hopefully I will have better luck with the rest!


  1. Love this cute little hat! your baby is so adorable! Thank you for stopping by and checkin out my blog! Hope to see you again!

  2. "The most adorable baby girl in the world". I would agree... but as Grandma to 10, I have to remain politically correct!
    Love the hat... GREAT job! She looks very darling in it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. So nice to "meet" new moms out there interested in making things! Your daughter is too cute for words! I can't stop smiling at her in this hat! I think I may have to make one of those for my big girl!