Saturday, January 8, 2011

Projects I want to try in 2011....

Instead of making resolutions for the new year, which I've never been very good at keeping, I think I will use this post to keep track of craft projects I want to make in 2011.  In my spare time spent surfing the web, I come across so many ideas and projects that I want to try, but as quick as I find them, I move on and they are lost to me on the vast internet.  This way I can keep a running list and cross of the ones I succeed in making.

Today is the perfect day to start, as my dear husband took my two lovely children to my in-laws for the day, leaving me with 8 hours of free time to start crossing things off my list.  I will keep adding things as I find them.

  1. Learn to knit - I'm taking a one hour private lesson today at 2:00 p.m. - that's a great start!     I'm still learning, but at least I've started!
  2. Make these for Mallory's room and finish hooping all the other embroidery work I did for her room.  I think I will embroider words like "sweet" "playful" "sassy", or do action words like "play", "smile", "pretend".     Embroidered words 
  3. Crochet Hook Case, similar to this:  Hook Case See results here!
  4. Valentine Heart Garland on Two Shades of Pink Heart Garland


  1. You go, Girl! Can't wait to see the finished projects. I know they'll be awesome....