Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh What A Busy Day!

That is how I have felt a lot lately, but in a good way! Meanwhile, my poor blog has been lonely and calling out for a new post.

I was initially derailed by our trip to Disney - 5 nights/6 days at the happiest place on earth! Weather was beautiful, kids were troopers, and my drill seargent travel companion (aka, my wonderful husband)was fairly reserved in his tactical approach to the World. Usually he drags us out first thing in the morning and won't hear of leaving before dark - not an easy thing to do with a 10 month old!

Other than that, we have been busy with all kinds of activities. I belong to the best Mom's group on the planet, I swear! This group is so active and friendly, and on any given week, we have multiple activities to choose from. Most of the kids are younger than Spencer, but he doesn't mind. And it will be great for Mallory and I when he goes to K next year. There must be 8 other babies that are right around a year old!

Just this week we hosted a pretzel making play date at our house, had a beach day with our group, and went to a play date at another Mom's house where the kids listened to a story, did a craft, and had a snack! We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the park and baby time at the library on our own.

Another great thing about this group is that I'm discovering new activities and places that I never knew about, like the beach we went to the other day. It's 35 min. from our house and is a super short walk from the car to the beach, which makes it easy for me to take the kids on my own. Yeah!

This is the only Mom's group I've belonged to, but I feel like it must be more active than most. Do you belong to a Mom's group? What is yours like?


  1. No Mom's group. No Grandma's group either! And I sure do enjoy reading about all your adventures!

  2. Tracy,
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. I would have emailed this but was unable to find it. How fun that we live near one another! And thanks for relating about the neighbor thing. It has been a conscious effort to play outside each day, wave at every car, and greet people. And guess what? Kids beg their parents to come and play and it happens all the time! We are so excited! I was so nervous to keep making making the first move but it has paid off...I feel incredibly blessed to see an overcome fear be fruitful. As for my infertility story and my faith...your words made me day and I am so glad it touched you. It was the primary reason for me to start blogging. Tracy, please feel free to email me anytime and chat. I would love it!