Friday, April 2, 2010

Amigurumi & other fun stuff

I've taken my crochet addiction to another level and have started making some Amigurumi.  Because if there is one thing this house needs, it is more stuffed toys!  We actually had to fill a basket with stuffed animals to sleep next to my son's bed, because he could no longer fit in it with all of his furry friends! 

This owl was my first effort - I'm not happy with the way the stuffing shows through the yarn, but I think I've found a way to resolve that.  Something I read said to only crochet through the back loop, so I'm trying that with my current project.  Spencer happily took this off of my hands as soon as I was done with it.  Presenting.........Hoo Hoo!  (named by my 5 year old!)

I also made a doll for Mallory - the first doll I made especially for her!  It is from the book Amigurumi Two and it was pretty easy to put together.

I also managed to crochet a large flower to put on this headband I made Mallory - I took a couple of patterns I had, put them together, made some adjustments, and voila - I finally have a big enough flower!  Most of the patterns I found were for fairly small pieces.  Now, if I just would have written it down so that I could make more! 

 We went over to my sister's for our first swim of the season!  I only got in the hot tub, but the kids had fun in the pool.  Here is Mallory wearing her new swimsuit and her ruffle butt bloomers on her head!

And last week I finally managed to drag some of the baby/toddler toys out of the garage.  She LOVES the Little Tikes Activity Garden, which I managed to score at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $9!  I coveted it for a long time before I finally found one cheap.

Does your baby have a favorite toy?


  1. Hi! What size hook are you using for the amigurumi? I have found that when I craft my figure to have a larger gauge, the filling tends to show through. I almost always go though the front loops too.

    Your baby's crochet headband is adorable!

  2. Hi! I usually use an F or G hook (it depends on what the pattern calls for). Maybe I should try a smaller hook!