Saturday, February 27, 2010

Booties & Hair Clips!

I've been patiently awaiting the day when my baby would have enough hair for a hair clip! Anyone who has seen her in person knows that she has some crazy hair!! So today I finally discovered that a hair clip will stay in her hair! Yeah!

So of course I had to make her one. The only thing I had time to do, while simultaneously teaching my 5 year old son how to use a needle & thread, was make a monogram clip. It turned out pretty well for my first try! I tried to make an owl later out of felt, but it was so time consuming! Maybe I will finish it later tonight.

And here are the booties that I made several weeks ago and have been wanting to share. I purchased the pattern on Etsy, but they would not stay on her feet. So I decided to sew elastic along the inside of the bootie - I just ran it under the crochet stitches and tied it off in a knot. They have not fallen off since!

They have been used A LOT this winter here in Florida, as we have had weeks & weeks of cold weather this year, so they are starting to look a little worn.  I just made her a white pair too - now I just need to get the elastic & buttons sewn on before it warms up!
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  1. oo very nice I've always wanted to try to make a hair clip and also booties! I'm pretty new with crochet but I have a few patterns waiting to be used :) Those are adorable