Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Cuteness

Yesterday we decided to go to a pumpkin patch with our friends visiting from Indiana.  Now, for those of you northerners or midwesterners out there, Florida pumpkin patches are nothing to write home about.  My friends will not go home and wax poetic on the merits of our local pumpkin patch.  If $9.00 rotted pumpkins are what your looking for, then I've found just the place for you.  Add to that the 90 degree weather and we are not talking about a fun fall outing!

The one upside to our trip is that I was able to dress up the kiddos in their Halloween attire and take pictures!  Of course, Mallory was asleep at the pumpkin patch, but I snapped a cute picture of them at the park.  She is wearing the black t-shirt I made for her and some leggings from the $ spot at Target.  I made the headband for her yesterday morning too.  The t-shirt Spencer is wearing is from Gymboree and was formerly long sleeved.  I had to cut off the sleeves so that he didn't die of heat exhaustion.  Gotta love fall in Florida!

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