Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crafty or Creative?

I consider myself a crafty person, but not necessarily creative. Does that make sense? Of course my sweet husband always disagrees with me and says that I am creative, but what else can he say?

So I made my 3 month old baby girl a "minnie mouse" dress for our recent trip to Disneyworld. I followed the pattern from Made by Petchy (you can find it here) and a coordinating diaper cover from a pattern I've used before. So again, crafting but not creating something new and different.

But what I didn't have was a headband. My sister gave me a cute pink headband, made with really wide stretchy fabric, that she had purchased at a high end baby boutique when her daughter was a baby. Here it is:Photobucket

Upon inspecting it and wishing I could make more like it, I realized that it made from fabric that is similar to girls tights. So off to Target I went and found some tights on clearance. I tested out my theory, added a bow, and voila - a cute headband was born! So I guess I am slightly creative after all.

But my husband came up with the best idea - he suggested I make a black headband and attach a pair of mouse ears to it. So after only two attempts I made the perfect ears, added a red polka dot bow between them, and Minnie Mouse was born!


I guess he is the truly creative one!

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